Les Singapouriens ont mis au point une maison compacte Cube Two pouvant accueillir confortablement 4 personnes.Son intérieur est surprenant

A lot of modern companies today focus on the construction of mobile homes. Mostly these are mobiles and motorhomes. This is due to the fact that people began to travel more and the demand for comfortable mobile homes has increased. Another similar interesting concept was proposed by a Singaporean company. The house is a portable cube with an area of 25 square meters. The house has a perfect design. You don’t need to add anything there, just enter and live.

The layout inside is open to accommodate everything you need in such a small area. This layout means there are no boundaries, that Is there are no rooms in the house. On one common area there is a double bed, a sofa bed, a kitchen with a shower and a toilet. Most of the furniture is built into the cube when it was assembled.

Of course, it is difficult to imagine life with children in such a little project, but if the family is traveling or does not have money for more spacious housing, this is a completely acceptable option. The house can accommodate from two to six people. The cube house is completely mobile. It can be moved from place to place and installed anywhere where there is a flat surface. All communication systems are installed during assembly, it remains only to connect them to an external source.

The house is very convenient to use despite its size, especially for people who constantly move from place to place. A distinctive feature of the house is a window on the seiling through which you can watch the starry sky at night. The weight of such a house is only seven tons, and the open plan increases the usable area by fifteen percent. Such projects are becoming more and more popular over time. People began to strive more for minimalism than for luxury. The company provides a fifteen-year warranty upon purchase.


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