This woman is a bus driver. She holds the distinction of being the city’s first female bus driver.

Diana, who is only 25 years old, has accomplished her goals by making sure her kids are what motivate her. She even traveled to Saltillo to drive trailers.

As the first female bus driver between Torreón and San Pedro, Diana Mejia Bautista has been warmly welcomed at the station. The business, which is a member of the González family, is situated on Hidalgo Avenue between Gómez Faras and Alianza Streets in the heart of San Pedro. The woman says that she has been operating a business bus for a week and that this is not her first experience operating a large vehicle. She had prior work experience in Saltillo, Coahuila, at a trailer line. I’m a 25-year-old native of the San Felipe Ejido in the San Pedro, Coahuila, municipality. She struggled every day for my children; they are both my flywheel and my engine.

Donaban, who is eight years old and in primary school, Romina, who is four, and my infant Rafael are all in preschool. I divorced my husband, but I’m making progress for them, she claims. She says that she loves to drive. Diana’s ex-husband, who is also a trailer driver, has been teaching her the fundamentals of driving trailers since January 2022, enabling Diana to begin her career as a professional. Later, her brother Jess Iván would continue to impart knowledge on her: «When I had my federal license, I moved into a row of trailers in Saltillo, where I stayed for six months. I made the decision to move because of the distance and my children, who I barely saw,” she says. «After they posted a job listing, I accepted the position at the San Pedro Bus Terminal. I arrived, they conducted exams, and now I’m here. I’m lucky to be the first woman employed by this organization as an operator, she adds. She states that the working environment is excellent and that her coworkers value her.

Despite their initial astonishment and even mistrust, the passengers who board the bus eventually applaud her on her performance once they get to their destination. What more can I say but to express my gratitude to God, my parents, Santa Laura and Ruperto, who have always supported me, Grupo González, and Juan González in particular for the opportunity. Thank you all for your kind words. Like I previously stated, wanting is power, and women can do anything.

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