Une femme de 48 ans est devenue mère pour la première fois après 16 tentatives infructueuses

Englishwoman Louise Warnford always dreamed of experiencing the joy of motherhood, she looked with such delight at happy mothers who walked with their children on the street. But her body seemed to resist this wonderful state.


When the doctors told the woman that she would not be able to get pregnant naturally, she decided on IVF, but there were many difficulties, the embryo did not take root. For all the time, Louise had 17 more attempts.


Doctors began to persuade the woman to leave everything as it is and adopt a child, they explained to her that this is the peculiarity of her body and they are powerless.

But Louise did not even think of giving up, she demanded that the doctors do what they were supposed to do. She spent about 80 thousand pounds (more than six million rubles) on all attempts and still managed to defeat nature and at the age of 47 she was able to get pregnant. She was under the constant supervision of doctors and was afraid of each new day, which could bring her new disappointment, the fetus continued to develop.



“I had a c-section at 37 weeks,” says Louise, “because the next examination revealed problems with the body. Neither the doctors nor I could take risks, and my little William was born. I am sure he will be an outstanding person, because his birth was suffered by me, and this is something worth it.


La femme est très reconnaissante à son médecin Hassan Shehat, qui l’a soutenue et accompagnée tout au long de cette période.

“Je veux dire à toutes les femmes qui sont désespérées et qui décident de renoncer à devenir mère. Ayez confiance en vos capacités et vous réussirez, dit Louise. Ce n’est que grâce à ma persévérance que je vis maintenant dans une famille à part entière, et chaque fois que je regarde dans les yeux de mon fils, je ne me lasse pas de me réjouir de ne pas avoir abandonné et d’avoir insisté moi-même. Croyez-moi, ça vaut le coup !”

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