On their birthday, identical twin sisters experienced an incredible coincidence—they each gave birth to a child! Here’s a look at how they and their children look today!

On their birthdays, identical twin sisters from Knoxville, Tennessee, Autumn Shaw and Amber Tramontana, experienced an extraordinary coincidence—they each gave birth to their children on the same day. Here’s a look at how they and their children look today!

Autumn and Amber have always shared a remarkable bond, doing everything together. Not only do they look strikingly similar, but their life paths have also been incredibly aligned. Both pursued careers in nursing, got married around the same time, and had their first children just two and a half months apart. Their children, now two years old, were born with the same height and weight.

Adding to their unique connection, Autumn and Amber were born on their mothers’ birthdays, further cementing their shared identity. When they discovered they were both expecting daughters with due dates of October 29—coinciding with their birthdays—they were astonished. Amber recalls, “We wanted our children to be close in age, but we never planned for them to arrive on the same day.”

Despite being in separate rooms, the sisters celebrated their 33rd birthdays together in adjacent maternity wards. Separated only by a wall, they gave birth to their daughters just an hour and a half apart on October 29. Autumn named her daughter Charleston, while Amber named her daughter Blakely.

According to Dr. George Wick, who has been practicing for 45 years and was present at their births, this is the first time he has witnessed such an extraordinary occurrence.

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