Denise Alexander, formerly part of the cast of “General Hospital,” honors the memory of her late colleague Jacklyn Zeman.

Denise Alexander is offering a heartfelt tribute to her fellow “General Hospital” cast member, Jacklyn Zeman, who tragically passed away on May 9 after a short battle with cancer. Zeman’s passing occurred just three days after her 70th birthday and less than two weeks after her final appearance on the show, which aired on April 27.

In a poignant letter shared by Soap Hub on May 15, Alexander expressed her deep sorrow, recalling Zeman’s infectious laughter and cherished qualities. “Oh girl, I can’t stop crying because I keep hearing your voice and laughing. I have always loved and cherished your sweetness, humor, brilliance, and lovely goodness. The finest embraces, too. I will always love you,” Alexander wrote.

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