Matthew Perry’s recent passing has left a significant void in the entertainment industry, triggering global mourning and deeply affecting his close circle of friends. The actor, celebrated for his portrayal of Chandler Bing in “Friends,” passed away on October 28, with the cause of death currently under investigation.

Throughout his life, Perry was open about his struggles with addiction and alcoholism, but he had been actively working towards a healthier lifestyle. He hoped to be remembered not only for his acting career but also for his efforts to assist others in overcoming addiction.

At his private funeral held at Forest Memorial Park in LA, Perry’s Friends co-stars gathered to bid him farewell. In a joint statement, they expressed their profound sorrow and emphasized the familial bond they shared, declaring, “We are more than just cast mates. We are a family.”

The poignant ceremony concluded with a rendition of Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush’s “Don’t Give Up.” Among Perry’s closest friends, Jennifer Aniston is reportedly grappling with the loss, compounded by the grief of losing two dear friends within a year.

Aniston and Perry had maintained a strong friendship, with Perry expressing his gratitude for her unwavering support during his struggles with addiction.

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