The house with broken walls and rotten floors looked like a barn, but is now completely unrecognizable

The couple restored their apartment by tearing down the walls and removing the rotten floor! What he looks like now will leave everyone speechless!

Today’s brave couple bought a miserable-looking apartment, with rotten floors and broken down walls. They planned to radically remodel everything and change the house to the point of making it unrecognizable. They quickly got to work.

To say that this apartment needed to be renovated is actually saying nothing. We even had to redo the floor, walls and ceiling. This all seemed difficult to achieve at first, but fortunately they succeeded.

They separated the bedroom and made the kitchen combined with the living room where there was a bricked wall and the rest was painted.

En ce qui concerne la chambre à coucher, elle a été peinte en blanc et bleu. Dans le salon, il y avait un canapé d’une couleur violette vibrante. Les murs et le plafond ont été peints en blanc, créant ainsi une atmosphère confortable.

We are waiting for your opinion in the comments! Did you like the end result?

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