10 boys and finally a girl. the story of this family is amazing

The story of this family is truly amazing. In fact, the Blight family recently had another son. Although each time the woman seemed to have a chance of having a girl, she eventually gave birth to a boy.

So just when the family thought it was time to stop adding up and stop having children, the woman found out she was pregnant again. Alexis was 39 when the long-awaited baby girl, named Cameron, finally came into the world. Later, the mother said she didn’t know what to do with the little girl, as she had ten children.

According to the mother, she does not plan to have any more children and the current composition of the family suits her. Also, her son started behaving better after his sister was born.

David is the head of the family and is now an engineer, while his mother spends her days cleaning and looking after the children. Although she sweeps the floor seven times a day and the family washing machine barely works, she still works part-time as a gymnast.

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