This girl’s song was well chosen and she played wonderfully, according to Simon and the audience, she has a wonderful voice.

Participants may work on their dancing or their voice may need more maturity before getting up to perform. This clip from Britain’s Got Talent from 2010 sums up that viewing experience perfectly. He got a lot of views. When the 14-year-old took to the stage in Britain’s Got Talent, no one from the judges to the audience knew what to expect. But everyone was in disbelief after this young woman started singing.

He took the stage in a t-shirt and jeans, ready to sing with all his heart. Olivia Archbold was a shy young woman as she stepped up to the microphone and introduced herself to the judges and audience. The judges are unsure what to make of the song she plans to sing on stage.

He took a deep breath and waited for the music to start. It only took a few seconds for the judges to marvel at what the little girl could do. It doesn’t take long for Olivia to fully immerse herself in her song choice. You can clearly see and hear his talent shine. Simon begins to smile when he learns how wonderful Olivia truly is. He seems absolutely amazed by this talented young woman and her incredible voice.

The public is also delighted. Simon even mutters “Wow” while continuing to sing. Her clear, beautiful voice fills the room. His voice is like an angel. Even his songs are properly chosen. She has incredible control over her voice considering how young she is. You can tell she has what it takes to progress in this craft by the end of the song. The public and the jury agreed that he sings well. We present to you the wonderful song.


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