At the wedding, the groom joins the bridesmaids and dances hip-hop with them

If you have attended many weddings, you know that the ceremonies can be exciting and very emotional.

From special wishes to bride and groom surprises, every wedding has its exciting moment.

But these days, couples are showing off their creative abilities at weddings and giving guests an experience they’ll never forget.

The traditional Irish dance at James and Roisin’s wedding was memorable, and it was definitely one of the best wedding dances we’ve seen.

Groom surprises wedding guests with awesome dance! - YouTube

It all started when the bridesmaids of Roisin, dressed in green, started dancing a traditional Irish dance.

It’s impressive, but it only gets better when the music suddenly changes.

Traditional Irish music transitions to contemporary pop songs and Roisin takes to the stage to show off her dancing skills.

But the real surprise comes when the groom joins them and stuns them all.


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