Kind Neighbors Repaired and Painted a Retired Teacher’s House

Ann Glancy, an elderly New Jersey teacher, has been heavily fined by authorities. The reason for this is her house and grounds: the building and surroundings have fallen into disrepair and the hostess could not afford to restore them to a decent appearance.

Ann has worked at the school for many years and is now enjoying a well deserved rest. The wife’s pension is not enough to repair the house and put the plot in order.

According to local laws, houses that spoil the appearance of the street are subject to a fine. Ann Glancy’s property has long been under the control of the authorities. Alas, Ann has no relatives who could help her, and the reclusive teacher has made no friends.

A couple from a nearby house came to the rescue. Christine Polemus has long noticed a lonely woman whose house has fallen into disrepair. She repeatedly offered all possible help, but was refused. When the situation became critical, Christine called her husband Adam and they got to work.

Kristin and Adam diligently set about repairing a neighbor’s house. They spent every summer weekend on the site. Plus, they called their friends and loved ones, and things sped up!

By September, Ann’s house had been renovated, with new boards, windows and porch repaired, and the lawn and trees on the property tidied up.

Help from neighbors not only benefited Ann’s house, but also herself. The woman appeared to have thawed out and made contact with her aides.

When authorities came to check the exterior of Glancy’s home, they simply did not recognize her. The fine has been lifted and Ann’s house now often hosts tea parties with new friends.

The work done was estimated by experts at around $10-15,000, but it was done for free by kind-hearted people.

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