Mommy posts video of baby’s adorable ‘argument’ and gets 2 million views

If you’re a parent, you will understand this video, regardless of which language you speak. This is the dose of cuteness you’ve been needing.


If you’re reading this article, you might not understand a word of the video being presented, but that’s okay. You don’t need to be bilingual for this one.

This exchange between mother and daughter is so textbook, so universal, that you’ll get the point and laugh yourself sore over how adorable the whole thing is.


The baby daughter is being a picky eater as Mommy tries to present nutritious and wholesome foods. Bananas, potatoes, and other goodies have been blacklisted in the baby’s mind.

Mommy wants an explanation, a compromise, anything that will end up getting some of this good food in the little one’s tum-tum, but she appropriates mommy’s gestures for her own message back: Ain’t gonna happen.

Then the baby notices the camera. As if things couldn’t get any more adorable than they already are. Baby and mommy both flash award-winning smiles that will melt any heart.

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