5 petites îles où les gens vivaient même

Small islands of the planet in the form of five medium-sized parts of land are located on Earth. People live there.


“Plenty of space”

The Saint Lawrence Islands are a valuable place for people. This is a piece of land near the river space. This is a separate part of the archipelago with the name “Thousand Island Territories”. The land is located in small pieces on the island. The territory was acquired in the 20th century, in the middle of the century. This is a big part of it right now. The owner is the Sieseland family. The area is 300 square kilometers. Located in a cozy place.


The land includes plantations in the form of tree species, trees, and the beauty of the beach river. The owner is not located in the area. He doesn’t live there. The owners often come to check. They spend time for the purpose of recreation. They rejoice at looking at the surrounding nature. Pleasure is expressed in the visual perception of the corners.

Dunbar Island

Located in the Caribbean. It is located 70 kilometers from the country of Honduras. The coral reef has less than 500 square meters. The construction of the white villa took three years. The owner, using the opportunities, conducted communications along the bottom of the sea. Here there is a connection with another common world. Constructions were carried out under water. There are places for a berth with a launching movement. The second floor contained a hotel with a swimming pool. This is a private area. Divers often come here. Tourists are resting, waiting for solitude.

Islet Brewster

From Boston at a distance of 14 km is an island. Little Brewster has a rocky relief image. Here the area is not more than one hectare of land. Finding the lighthouse has become an enviable feature. This is the only non-automatic structure in the world. The name “Boston Light” is given for a reason. Supervised by Sally Sloman. She does not leave the island and lives there. Without communication, a woman receives food. Delivery is carried out by boat on the water. Her husband lives with her. He, in company with a woman, makes a detour of the territory. The husband is on a mission to the island. Regular visits by tourists make the island come alive.

Enviable place Wilhelmstein

The islet is located next to the lake Steinhunder Meer. With the help of human labor and the hands of people, the creation of the territory took place. Other places were taken as a basis. In the 18th century, the Schaumburg Decree was issued. Ruler Wilhelm was an even and decent person and created a cozy territory. Construction began long before work began. For 5 years, residents brought the necessary materials to the central part of the reservoir. These are gravel, sand, stone embankments. The buildings looked like fortifications. This is a depiction of a star shape with 4 end sharp bayonets.


The square perimeter of the island led to the calculations and showed the equality of 100 meters on each side. The service of the soldiers was not easy. Difficulties were caused by high humidity and a tiny territory. After the death of the duke, the island acquired the status of a prison site. The attraction is still in use today.


The island part of the land is located in Slovenia. It is next to Bledsk. The lake is located near the Alps, picturesquely decorated with nature. There is an area that is calculated as an elongated area. The territory is gaining 820 square meters. A tiny piece of land has buildings. Also equipped with tiles and antique roofs. There is a church building. Shops, a cafeteria, museum buildings are open here. The old castle of Bled is based on a tower equal in height to 50 meters.

What knowledge do readers have about the islands?

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