Une famille dans laquelle les enfants ne vont pas à l’école, mais étudient dans la nature

Home education is a very slippery topic. There are both fans of this system in the world, and those who are against it. But while some argue about it, others are already fully implementing it into their lives.


Married couple Amy and Steve Sale have four children. Parents have decided that a regular school puts too much pressure on their children and limits them in many ways. The eldest son in the family graduated from a traditional school, and now daughter Ebony had to be transferred to home schooling at the age of 13. This decision was not easy for the parents, because everyone around did not take their idea seriously, the society also had a great influence, because few people perceived this form of education. But my mother decided that she must do everything to make life easier for her family. On social media, she found a group where parents of homeschooled children shared their experiences. The system lies in the fact that the child himself chooses what he will study, and the process itself takes place not at home, but in nature.

Baby Ebony at school was a very shy and withdrawn girl, but in the “natural learning” she changed beyond recognition! She became very sociable and sociable. For Ebony, the other two children were also taken from a regular school. Then the family left the USA for Australia, and began to live in a motor home, exploring the corners of the new country.

In addition to the fact that everyone was able to get acquainted with the local flora and fauna, parents enjoyed doing mathematics with their children, calculating fuel and discussing family budget issues, and also taught their children to choose safe places for swimming, fish, and deepen their knowledge of geography. Amy and Steve are sure that such training is much more effective and useful than sitting in a classroom at a desk.

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