Et où as-tu savonné au milieu de la nuit ? Où emmènes-tu les enfants ? j’ai décidé de te quitter

Ilya came home earlier than usual today: it was only half past twelve on the clock. He looked with incomprehensible eyes at how his wife dressed their sleepy daughter, and next to his mother stood a puffy son. “Where are you soaping yourself in the middle of the night?” Where are you taking the kids?


I decided to leave you, I don’t have the strength to endure all this anymore. Varvara looked into her husband’s eyes and thought about how much she loved him before. — You’re the main thing to get out faster! — Ilya began to shout at his wife, while not paying attention to the fact that he frightened the children with his cries. Who needs you with a trailer like that. Fool stuffed! «We’ll wait and see,» replied the wife, and left the house.

The first year of their life together Varya lived like in paradise. She literally glowed with happiness, as she had a handsome and successful husband who literally carried her in his arms. Well, you’ll have more patience with this handsome man, ”her mother sometimes told her, but Varya did not listen to her and always told her parent that their family was not threatened with betrayal, since they loved each other very much.


However, one day Varya’s world shattered into a million pieces, she then found out that her husband had a mistress. After the birth of her son, new problems began in the house of the spouses, and the insult did not leave her soul. At one time, she even began to think that Ilya had thrown all the nonsense out of her head, as peace and tranquility returned to the family. Everything seemed to be fine, only the husband often traveled on business trips. Varya consoled herself with the fact that only thanks to her husband’s work their family lives in abundance and does not need anything.

After Varya gave birth to a daughter, her husband’s business trips became longer and more frequent. It was pointless to ask Ilya something, since he answered all her questions that it would be better for her to take care of the children, and not take nonsense into her head.

Varya felt that her husband had a mistress. She pushed such thoughts away from herself as best she could, especially since she could not change the situation that had arisen, and leaving her husband with two children in her arms was real madness.

She did not say anything to him even when she heard the scent of another woman’s perfume from him, and also when she heard him cooing with someone on the phone in another room. One morning he called her Ninochka and did not even pay attention to it.

A tiny apartment, a penny salary — she knew that she was very lucky that she was taken, since she had no work experience. Varya lived on the machine, because it was necessary! She barely had enough strength for her daughter and son, and she had already given up on her life for a long time. However, she was taken aback at the moment when someone placed a beautiful bouquet on her cash register.

This is for you! I really want you to smile. Maybe a bouquet of flowers will at least cheer you up a little, ”a man of about thirty-five years of age said embarrassedly. This man was their regular customer. He always bought the same thing: sausage, sauce, coffee, bread and dumplings. -I am Andrey! Your shift is almost over now, let me walk you home.

Varya for a long time could not accept Andrey’s courtship, since she did not believe that a man could have serious intentions for the mother of two children. She knew that even her own father did not need children, since he had not called them once for the whole past year, and then a stranger. She lost her nerve, and she said: — You understand, I have two children! “Great, so I’m planning a trip to the zoo this weekend. the guy answered.

Barbara was confused and did not know what to answer. She could not believe that a strange man could be busy with her children with such joy. It was he who taught her son to play checkers, and her daughter to ski. He got up at night and ran to the pharmacy if her children were sick. She wanted to end her relationship with him, but in response he told her: “Do you really think that I can lose such a profitable game? Will you be my wife?

Varya has been married to Andrey for more than five years. Over time, they gave birth to two more babies, and all their neighbors and acquaintances say that all their children are very similar to their father!
You know they are actually becoming more and more like you! Maybe it’s because you love them so much? Of course, dear, I love them all very much, because they are your continuation!

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