Il a passé 2 heures à installer une porte Kitty. mais attendez de voir la réaction hilarante de son chat ! OMG!

When cats want to come inside the house, you can see them scratching at the door or meowing loudly. But Philo the cat is not like that.

His dad, Brian, spent almost two hours building a new cat door so his little feline could come and go as he pleased.

But I was in hysterics when I saw Philo’s reaction to the door. Wait till you see it.

After one and a half hours of hard work, Brian called Philo over and asked him to try out his new kitty door.

Philo obligingly walks to it, but Brian is left in shock at what he does next.

Instead of going through the new door his dad built for him, Philo takes a different course of action.

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