These Siamese twins got separated and here is how they look after!

Italian doctors have achieved a remarkable medical milestone by successfully separating conjoined twins. The twins, who were joined at the skull and shared the majority of their blood vessels, underwent a unique and complex surgical procedure.

Although the groundbreaking surgery was performed in June, it was only recently announced as the twins, Ervina and Prefina, were confirmed to be recovering well.

The twins’ mother expressed her gratitude, describing their situation as a double blessing. Shortly after birth, the twins were admitted to an Italian hospital where the medical team offered their services pro bono to operate on the newborns from the Central African Republic.

Ervina and Prefina were particularly unique among conjoined twins because they shared critical brain vessels. These vessels connected their heads and necks from the back, rather than the front.

Before the major operation, the infants underwent two preliminary surgeries. These procedures, conducted last year, were aimed at altering the blood flow to ensure each twin had sufficient blood supply to their brain.

The medical team meticulously planned the surgery using cutting-edge technology, including 3D models of the twins’ skulls and brains. The separation surgery involved a team of thirty doctors and nurses and lasted an intense 18 hours.

Following the surgery, Ervina and Prefina have shown promising signs of recovery. They celebrated their second birthday in the hospital, already separated and in their mother’s arms.

Their mother now hopes her daughters will grow up to become doctors themselves, inspired by the medical team that saved their lives, so they can help others in the future.


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