Dad rewrites the jingles for his baby’s first Christmas.

We all know Christmas carols by heart and could probably recite them verbatim in our sleep. But which Christmas carol is the best? Is it Little Drummer Boy? This song is good, but not the best. Is Rudolph the red nosed reindeer? It’s an amazing proposition, but it has to be different. The obvious answer of course… Bluebells! However, a young father seems to think there could be a bit more to the lyrics of Jingle Bells. True to the Christian meaning of Christmas.

So she wrote and recorded her own version to sing to her granddaughter, Summer. It’s clear she wants to introduce him to the traditional understanding of the holiday, and the result is one of the most helpful videos on the web.

This Christian Dad Just Rewrote Jingle Bells For Jesus! But It's His Audience That Really Got Me.

One thing is certain. summer might just be the cutest baby ever featured in a carol. If that’s not the most precious smile in the world, I don’t know what is. The birth of Jesus. Dad also has talent. Not only does he sing, but he also plays keyboard AND guitar. Obviously, he had to find a way to express his musical talent by making videos like this.

It also helps that Summer is more than happy to be part of the fun. One day he will be able to grow up and sing Christmas carols like his father. : Dad even slightly modified the melody to update the sound of the famous song. Let’s see if you can spot it! There is something in this video that is different from the rest.


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