Kelly Ripa Talks Honestly About Her Issues

When a friend inquired about Kelly Ripa’s well-being and she started crying uncontrollably, it became the catalyst for her seeking professional help. Reflecting on the event, Ripa chuckled, saying, “I started sobbing, and I wasn’t entirely sure why.” Recognizing the need for assistance, her friend quickly suggested that Ripa see a therapist.

Therapy provided Ripa with profound insights into self-discovery. “I truly became aware of who I am,” she exclaimed. “I finally realized why it was so difficult for me to accept any kind of success.”

This candid admission highlights Ripa’s ongoing struggles with social anxiety disorder, a topic she delves into further in her upcoming book, “Live Wire: Long-Winded Short Stories.”

In her memoir, Ripa discusses the daily challenges she faces due to social anxiety. “People assume that because I appear to be an extrovert on television, I am an extrovert in real life, which is not the case.

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