A couple who are considered record holders. They have lived together for 79 years

Not many of us get to experience blowing out a hundred candles on a birthday cake. But this couple is not like any other couple. Hubert and June Malicote from Ohio, in the USA, are a married couple who recently celebrated that they have both lived for a whole century and in the meantime could also celebrate 79 years of marriage. The two grew up in rural Kentucky and met when they moved to Ohio to find work. They met at church and quickly became friends.

Within a short time, they discovered that they felt something more and decided to get married. June patiently waited for him, and when he returned, the two continued to build a life together in Hamilton, Ohio. To date, their family consists of three children, seven grandchildren and eleven great-grandchildren. This summer, the couple celebrated three special anniversaries. Each his 100th birthday, and 79th wedding anniversary.

The secret behind love․ The couple says that the secret to lasting love is: communication, friendship and no arguments. – Apart from being husband and wife, we are best friends. We talk a lot and have never argued, says Hubert and continues: – It’s not always that everything goes smoothly and works as it should, but we would never do anything to hurt each other. – If things get a little tense, you can go away by yourself for a few minutes, adds June.

The couple has always spent a lot of time together. – We never went out much. When the children were smaller, we liked to sit around the table and tell how our day had been. It was enough to have each other. We have had a wonderful life, says Hubert. After more than seven decades, June and Hubert’s routine hasn’t changed at all. Every night they sit down and eat dinner and watch an old western. When the movie is over, they always kiss each other before going to bed. – Then, in the morning, they are so happy to see each other. They greet each other with big smiles.

Below you can see a news feature about the lovely couple. Congratulations on both your 100th birthday and your 79th wedding anniversary!


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