Il regrette d’avoir vendu sa maison lorsqu’apparaît une œuvre d’art qui multiplie sa valeur par 10

Artistic manifestations have changed over the years, currently the seven fine arts are not only talked about as something creative and with aesthetic value. Others, such as graffiti or street art, are gradually becoming part of the most practiced artistic expressions today. Some artists show their faces and rejoice in the value of their works, while others prefer to remain anonymous and watch from the secrecy how their works increase in value over time. Banksy has become one of the most important figures in urban art.

One of those artists is Banksy, the most famous urban artist whose identity is completely unknown. Although many people pay thousands of dollars to have one of his works, most can be seen completely free in the most important streets of the world. His recognition as an artist is entirely due to his talent. Although his identity is unknown, some research indicates that he was born in the town of Bristol. Place where his recent work appeared and which has attracted the attention of the whole world.

The graffiti was painted on the wall of a house that was about to be sold, however, the owner decided to postpone the entire sale process when she realized that her house had risen in value after the work of the renowned artist appeared. His most recent work has caught the attention of the whole world. Aileen Makin owns the property, she would sell it for €300,000, but its value rose disproportionately after the artwork appeared on Banksy’s official Instagram account. In it, an elderly woman in a headscarf can be seen leaning over and sneezing as her dentures fly off.

The woman regretted selling the property at the last minute. The work is located at the end of what is believed to be the steepest street in England, giving the impression that houses have been sneezed down. Apparently, Makin, 57, changed his mind when he learned that the property could be worth more than €4 million. Joe Syer, founder of MyArtBroker commented on it: “Street art pieces are not being sold authentically by Pest Control – Banksy’s authentication body, however with the correct provenance in place, we would estimate this to be worth in the region of €35 million.”

The work was protected with methacrylate. Makin, decided to postpone the sale until he fully understood the entire situation in which the property is immersed. After all, it is not so easy to assimilate that out of nowhere a beautiful work by the most important urban artist in the world appears on a wall in your house. Things change from one day to the next and in the most unexpected way. After all, the best part of life is letting ourselves be surprised.


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