People Wanted To Buy A Luxury Home, But There Was A Cool Secret In The Basement

This mansion is located in the suburbs of Washington and is located on a land whose territory occupies more than 1.6 hectares!

Today at we are going to tell you what cool secret turned out to be in the basement of this luxurious house.

The area of ​​​​the house itself is no less impressive – more than 1100 square meters. The interior is truly luxurious, made in a colonial style with a predominance of expensive and natural materials.

The mansion includes eight bathrooms, seven bedrooms, ten fireplaces, a two-story kitchen, a huge library with wall shelves, a music room, a dining room and a laundry room.

In addition to the house itself, a comfortable guest house, a large lighted tennis court, an outdoor swimming pool and another indoor are also located on a private plot. Impressive, isn’t it?

На территории располагается подогреваемый бассейн

But the most interesting is hidden in the basement. Entering it feels like you are in another world and a separate city from another era. The room looks like an entire street with cobblestone walkways and imitation storefronts that look like the real thing.

А такое бывает? Люди хотели купить роскошный дом, а когда вошли в подвал — обомлели

In total, in the underground area of ​​​​a unique, non-existent city, you can find 15 establishments, including a tattoo parlor, various shops, a massage parlor, a cinema, a post office, a sauna, a restaurant and a bar, beauty salon, municipal administration and hotels.

There are also several cars here: rare, but in working order. The ceiling is painted black, so it looks like the night sky. Incredible mansion designed by Patrick Cullinan.

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