A strange house was built in the Netherlands, because each room has its own roof

Sometimes the creative eye of architects finds an outlet in unusual, even bizarre buildings.

Today on slonn.me we are going to tell you about a house of the famous Dutch office Hofman Dujardin

If you look at it from the air, it looks like three separate little houses side by side. In the process of creating the plan, the architects were guided by the surrounding area, so it was decided to integrate it as naturally as possible into the atmosphere of a pine forest. To do this, wooden panels appeared on the facade and roof. The house has three bedrooms, each of which faces different directions, and each has access to a separate terrace.

At the same time, inside they are all connected by sliding doors, which, if necessary, become invisible, uniting the space. There are similar doors on both sides of the living room, and when you open them, it feels like you’re having lunch or relaxing on a couch right in the middle of the forest. Panoramic windows in the nursery and bedroom are an incredibly original solution. Being closed by nothing, they allow to observe the inhabitants of the forest just lying on the bed. And if you really want to watch the starry sky, then all rooms have skylights.

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