A slim house for sale in the United States has netizens confused due to its size

There are many strange houses of the most incredible sizes in the world.

Today at slonn.me we want to tell you about a slim house that has confused netizens with its size.

How many meters of living space does an ordinary family need? Everyone answers this question according to their own preferences. And one of them can be yours.

Meet Pie House (Deerfield, USA) is on sale for $269,000. What can fit in such a house? Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen-studio, cellar. The living area of the “skinny house” is 487 m². Mr.

Strangely, the interior of the house seems more spacious than the exterior. Maybe it’s because it’s filled with light that comes in through quite large windows? We’re sure many families crammed into a small apartment would be happy to move into such a home. Or not?

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