Danse en apesanteur d’un garçon de 4 ans.

The kid showed the shuffle style in its purest form. This is when there is a lot of freedom, light joy and full scope for improvisation. Such skill creates a feeling of happy weightlessness, without visible efforts and observance of any rules.

Experts assure that everyone can master the shuffle dance. The main thing is to learn the basic movements, catch the main ligaments, and then turn on the positive and creative.

All the weight is on the legs. It is advised to start with the movement, which is called “running man”. When the “running man” is mastered, you can move on to other elements: “T-step”, “rocking”, “sliding”, “scissors”, “Charleston”. And then the most important thing – you need to mix it all in a free sequence with the right music, forget about the rules and relax. And then you get a shuffle.

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