« Vieil homme fou ! » pensaient les voisins. Mais quand il a fini, tout le monde a haleté de joie !

The protagonist of this story, like many older people, had a lot of free time and zero ideas on how to spend it.


However, in the end, the man plucked up courage and decided to realize what he had long dreamed of.

Stan Hurd is a 64-year-old American farmer living in Minnesota. He has always been passionate about art, and wanted to realize his creativity in a very non-standard way.


The man decided to decorate his land, and for the next six months he dug it up and down almost every day.

At the same time, there was no hint of any harvest. The neighbors were already worried, thinking that the man had gone crazy – senile insanity and all that. But when they saw the results of Stan’s work, they literally gasped with delight:

It’s incredible. Stan has created a brilliant replica of Vincent van Gogh’s Olive Trees with a yellow sky and sun.

Looking at the picture is breathtaking. Unfortunately, nature will soon destroy the picture of a talented person. But he is worthy of respect simply because he did a unique thing. His masterpiece has become a local landmark.

But Stan didn’t stop there. Today, there are several dozen works in his artistic piggy bank, and here are some of them:


That’s the beauty of Stan. And all because he was not afraid to follow his dream!

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