Cet homme vit dans un avion. Voici à quoi ça ressemble de l’intérieur.

This man’s name is Campbell. For many years he dreamed of launching his airplane.


That’s why he’s been living in his own Boeing for 10 years. This man spent 220 thousand dollars on the plane.

Of course, this man understood that he could not create perfect living conditions on the plane, but this did not scare him.

There is water and electricity on the plane.


This man didn’t want to completely change planes, he wanted to keep the vibe of still flying on the plane.

He kept most of the material.

There is a microwave oven on the plane, on which he prepares food.

There is a shower on the plane, it’s homemade. When a man has guests,

he does not allow them to enter without taking off his shoes. He always keeps the plane clean.

In his blog on his social platform, the man gives advice on how to turn the plane into an apartment.

He now plans to turn the Boeing 747 into a home, which will be located in Japan.

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