Mon beau-père me chasse de la maison de mes parents. La chose la plus offensante est que sa propre mère est de son côté

I am 21 years old. Five years ago, my mother brought her second husband to our house. I didn’t like him from the first moment. Worked as a caretaker. He came to us with two suitcases, but immediately began to command and educate me. Disgusting type. I don’t know what my mother saw in him. He has a meager salary, and he also pays alimony to his ex-wife. We never got along with him. At the beginning, I was silent. But then I started arguing with him. After graduating from school, I entered the medical institute on a budget.

Since childhood, she dreamed of becoming a doctor. I try to study well, although studying at the medical school is quite difficult. I even get a scholarship. Six months ago, this type began to reproach me for sitting on their neck: “You are an adult, but you are sitting on your mother’s neck, we should not support you, we feed you, dress you, shoe you; By the way, I was already working at your age.” He began to reproach me for not bringing money home. According to him, I have to get a job, help them, there is not enough money. And the worst thing is that his mother supports him, says that he is right, tries to educate me, put me on the right path.

Mom told me: “You could also work part-time, get a job, it’s hard for us to provide for you, we are not made of iron.” Two nights ago this guy said that grown-ups, that grown-up children should live separately from their parents. I was surprised and looked at my mother. She remained silent, which meant she agreed with him.

I went to my room. The next day, my mother started a conversation about yesterday: “It is very difficult for me, I am faced with a choice. We fight all the time. You make scandals and you can’t keep your mouth shut. I want to live in peace. He is right, you are already an adult and should live separately. You have a month to find a place to live and leave.” I’m shocked. I never thought that my mother would decide to get rid of me. I will never forgive her.

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